BCA Valuations near total accuracy during lock down period

BCA Valuations has reported exceptional accuracy during the first weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown, with pre-sale valuations averaging 100.2% of the final sold price across the range of stock on offer through BCA Virtual Sales.

BCA’s Virtual Sales are held in real time with competitive bidding and accessed through BCA Online and the BCA Buyer app.  The Virtual Sales feature stock from BCA Outsourced and UKCGR including Premium, Select, Trade, Commercial, No Reserve and Low Mileage, and vehicles from manufacturer sources, corporate sellers and major dealer groups.  BCA also offers a wide range of stock for instant online purchase through the BCA Buy Now platform.

BCA’s Decision Intelligence team have kept abreast of the complex and evolving picture in the wholesale sector, ensuring sellers have real-time data to inform remarketing decisions. 

BCA Valuations is the only platform that provides an immediate and detailed view of market performance based on actual auction prices and is helping vendor customers to value their vehicles in line with market sentiment and allow buyers to purchase stock at realistic values.

Ben Downe, Decision Intelligence Director at BCA commented “Given the rapidly changing circumstances the used car sector is operating under, it is imperative we deliver accurate and timely valuation data for all our customers, both buyers and sellers alike.”

He added “The BCA Valuations model is accurately reflecting the current trading environment and averaging 100.2% of current Virtual Sale auction prices.  We continue to monitor market performance to ensure we maintain that level of accuracy.”

He added “This insight is helping BCA customers to trade with confidence in a difficult marketplace and is critical to keeping the used vehicle sector moving at this time.”

BCA has put in place processes to help customers acquire stock safely, with over 16,000 vehicles consigned for online sale via Buy Now and Virtual Sale platforms.  Customers can search and buy via BCA Online or by using the BCA Buyer app, which can be downloaded by searching ‘BCA Buyer’ on the App Store or Google Play Store.

All payments for vehicles must be transacted online remotely and BCA has suspended the additional online fee to support its customers during the current ongoing situation.  Using BCA’s logistics operations, buyers are able to complete their transactions by having their purchases delivered.