BCA HR team set out on the ‘1948 NHS Challenge’

Covering 1,948 miles to celebrate and fundraise for the NHS.

Members of the BCA HR team have set themselves a huge target of covering 1,948 miles to mark the anniversary of the NHS formation on 5th July 1948 and to honour the work of those in the NHS.

BCA’s HR team support all things people related for the UK vehicle remarketing company and will use their ‘daily exercise’ allowance to walk, cycle or run the distance, covering the 1,948 miles between 5th May and 30th June.

Around 15 people from the HR team have signed up for the challenge which they will be undertaking from their various home locations around the UK. They will track their progress through the Strava app and will post photos and report on their progress via the BCA LinkedIn page throughout the 60 days.

As Mark Taylor, HR Director said, there was a strong consensus amongst everyone in the team that they wanted to do something to acknowledge the heroic efforts of the NHS, as well as raise funds for the NHS Charities – COVID 19 appeal.  “Whilst all working from home, the HR team felt it was important to do something to demonstrate the enormous gratitude we all feel towards the NHS.  And it seemed particularly fitting to mark the anniversary of the formation of the NHS by covering 1,948 miles.”

He added “We will all be aiming to cover our miles as part of our permitted daily exercise to support our own wellbeing – whether walking or running or on a bike.  We hope our colleagues and BCA customers will feel this is a worthy cause and will support it generously.”

To sponsor the BCA HR team on their epic challenge visit:


The NHS Charities National Covid-19 Urgent Appeal was launched to acknowledge and support NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by Covid-19 across the country. The campaign was put together in liaison with national health service bodies, NHS Charities Together member charities and board. The money raised is funding grants to help NHS charities support NHS staff, volunteers and patients in ways above and beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide, including wellbeing packs, rest and recuperation rooms, electronic tablets for isolated patients to communicate to loved ones. The funds will also resource vital care partnerships and longer term mental health recovery of staff and families.