with BCA Partner Finance Part-Exchange funding giving you more funding capacity.

We'll work in partnership with you every step of the way to help you keep your business on the move.

NEW improvements to the way you fund your part-exchange vehicles with BCA Partner Finance

These changes will simplify the process and free up your capital even quicker. How you will benefit from these changes:

Quicker payment for your Part-Exchange vehicle(s)
Apply for Part-Exchange funding by midday and once approved, we will release the funds the next working day, helping to free up your capital.

Fund you LCV Part-Exchanges
You can now fund the LCV’s you receive in Part-Exchange in the same way you would fund cars.

Smarter and easier funding for your Part-Exchange vehicles
Working with customers, we have developed a new intuitive application process within BCA Dealer Pro, saving your precious time.

Why BCA Partner Finance Part-Exchange funding?

  • Exclusively for BCA Partner Finance customers*
  • Fund your part-exchanged cars received from your customers and we will fund you 100% of the purchase price, or the BCA Market Price (whichever is lesser)*
  • If you take in a part-exchange, you can also fund that vehicle for up to 120 days; helping you improve stock turn, free up capital and settle outstanding finance quicker
  • Get set up and gain extra funding
  • Appraise and value your part-exchanges on our award winning BCA Dealer Pro app, then let us know if you want to send these vehicles to your nearest BCA Auction Centre
  • As a Partner Finance customer you will be eligible for preferential rates for remarketing your vehicles with BCA
  • Sell your part-exchange vehicles through a branded BCA Partner Finance sale at a number of BCA Auction Centres

* Eligibility criteria applies

If we can assist with your part-exchanges including; valuation, funding or remarketing through a branded BCA Partner Finance sale then we'd love to hear from you.

VAT registered? (Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funding facilities to non VAT registered entities). *