BCA Assured

BCA Assured is a 30+ point mechanical Inspection undertaken by skilled inspectors at our network of Remarketing Centres across the UK.

The report gives you a snapshot of a vehicle’s mechanical condition at the point in time when the assessment took place

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BCA Assured /
BCA Assured EV / Hybrid Guide

The fee you pay is based on your MyBCA Card colour, the more vehicles you buy the better the discount.


Card Colour

Fee ex VAT

BCA Card - Black


BCA Card - Platinum


BCA Card - Gold


BCA Card - Silver


BCA Card - Blue


BCA Card - Non account

Non Account

BCA Assured
£16.00 £28.50 £35.00 £42.50 £47.50 £52.50
BCA Assured EV / Hybrid £21.00 £33.50 £40.00 £47.50 £52.50 £57.50


How do I get a MyBCA card?

I want to know more about the assessment and the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Report.