BCA Assured

BCA Assured is a 30+ point mechanical Inspection undertaken by skilled inspectors at our network of Remarketing Centres across the UK.

The report gives you a snapshot of a vehicle’s mechanical condition at the point in time when the assessment took place

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Important Customer Notice:

During these unprecedented times our priority has always been to support our customers and people as best we can for as long as we can. Due to the recent changes in government guidelines we are unfortunately having to temporarily close the Customer Claims department and suspend our BCA Assured and Grading Claim process until further notice.

As soon as the situation changes and our processes are back up and running we will let you know and of course do all we can to process your claim as quickly as possible.

The fee you pay is based on your MyBCA Card colour, the more vehicles you buy the better the discount.


Card Colour

Fee ex VAT

BCA Card - Black


BCA Card - Platinum


BCA Card - Gold


BCA Card - Silver


BCA Card - Blue


BCA Card - Non account

Non Account

BCA Assured
£16.00 £28.50 £35.00 £42.50 £47.50 £52.50
BCA Assured EV / Hybrid £21.00 £33.50 £40.00 £47.50 £52.50 £57.50


How do I get a MyBCA card?

I want to know more about the assessment and the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Report.