BCA Assured

BCA Assured is a 30+ point mechanical Inspection undertaken by skilled inspectors at our network of Remarketing Centres across the UK.

The report gives you a snapshot of a vehicle’s mechanical condition at the point in time when the assessment took place

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What our report symbols mean



These items, whilst not necessarily in an ‘as new’ or retail condition, are considered to be in a serviceable state or condition, or indicative of such a state or condition.

Requires some attention

Items that are considered to function in a manner, exist in a state or condition, or indicate a state or condition (as the case may be) that is inferior to ‘OK’ items and superior to ‘Requires attention’ items
 Requires attention

Items that do not function at all, function only in a wholly unsatisfactory or unusable manner, or exist in or indicate a similarly defective, wholly unsatisfactory or unusable state or condition.

Not applicable The item does not exist on the vehicle assessed.
No check possible The item is inaccessible.


To read more about the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Report and how we carry out the assesment, see the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Guide.