New look BCA Assured Report

New look BCA Assured Report

Making life simpler for you!

We have taken time to review and rework the BCA Assured Report based on feedback and comments from our buyers.

We came up with a simple, easy to read key, so that you can see at a glance the condition of the vehicle you are considering buying.

New look BCA Assured Report

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New look BCA Assured Report

We have added on a couple of new checks: Horn, Glow Plug Light.

And we have combined some of the checks to help you better understand how the assessment is carried out.

Old Wording (pre 5th September)

New Wording (5th September 2019 onwards)

1st and reverse drive test
1st & reverse drive / clutch slip test (static)
Clutch slipping (static test)
Engine running
Engine running / smoking
Engine smoking


From early September you will start to see these new reports filtering through to eligible BCA Assured vehicles.

You can read more in the BCA Assured Guide, which includes information on how the AA carry out the assessments.


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