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Upgrade your vehicle appraisals with the all-NEW BCA Dealer Pro app.

BCA Dealer Pro app


Dealer Pro has been successfully adopted by many of the UK’s leading dealer groups, helping them to improve vehicle sales and profitability. The award winning appraisal tool has been designed to help dealers manage every aspect of handling part-exchanges, with a simple to use appraisal app for tablet devices providing dealers with a controlled and consistent process to create trust with their customers.

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Valuations you can trust

BCA Valuations uses the biggest dataset in the industry combined with the latest in Machine Learning techniques to provide you with real-time valuations you can trust. Our valuations provide you a specific value for a specific vehicle, automatically taking into account all data captured within the appraisal, giving you the most accurate auction values available and the confidence to structure a deal with your customers.

Real time inventory management

Dealer Pro provides you with real time visibility of the status of all part-exchanges, including their condition, value and location. It shows you how many vehicles you have been offered in part exchange and those that you still have the opportunity to close, helping to focus attention on the deals that can be done.

Maximise your trade sales opportunity

It’s the simplest way to put your vehicles directly in front of the UK’s largest audience of trade buyers, with just the click of a button. With BCA Dealer Pro you can maximise your trade sales opportunity with minimal administration effort.

Our daily-adjusted BCA Valuations is shown to support your reserve setting. What’s more, you can upload your own vehicle images, putting you in control of their quality and ensuring that your vehicles stand out to our buyers, and make your vehicles visible to BCA buyers before they’ve even left your forecourt.

Clear insight into your part-exchange process

Dealer Pro offers unrivalled insight into your part-exchange process, sales person appraisal accuracy and trade performance. Our data tools will help you keep your finger on the pulse of this critical part of your business.