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BCA Essential Check has been developed to give you more information on older, higher mileage vehicles

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Take a minute to read our Frequently Asked Questions, some answers to your questions might be here.

No, the BCA Essential Check is provided purely for information only, no claims will be entered into. It gives you a more detailed overview of the condition of some operational areas in a vehicle to enable you to make an informed purchase decision.

The vehicle is assessed while stationary and is carried out at ground level.
The inspectors do not look under the bonnet, and they don’t check for leaks.

We have rigorous quality checks and audits in place to ensure the accuracy and quality of our reporting. The report details the condition of the vehicle at the time of assessment. As such, while highly unlikely, it is possible that the condition may change from then to the time of purchase. As stated above the report is  provided for information only and no claims will be entered into.

Our research, across a wide range of our customers, told us that you, our buyers, wanted more information on older vehicles in order to help you make a more informed buying decision and you wanted the costs for this report to be significantly lower and more in line with the lower costs of the vehicles. To deliver this we designed a report to give you an overview of areas that were commonly mentioned in our research. Ensuring we deliver good value for money we have excluded some mechanical elements found on our other reports from this assessment.

Have a look at the BCA Essential Check: Customer Guide to learn more about the assessment, how it is done and what is covered.

Take a minute to read our Frequently Asked Questions, some answers to your questions might be here.




Specific areas on the report



GENERAL (anchor to General)

What is BCA Assured?
It is an independent 30 point mechanical assessment carried out by the AA at our network of Remarketing Centres.

What does the BCA Assured Report Cover?

Take a look at the BCA Assured Guide (link) for details on the areas that are covered and how the assessment is carried out.


Why doesn’t every car have one?
Only cars under 8 years & 120 000 miles for vendors that have agreed to have this assessment on their vehicles will be BCA Assured. 

There are some exclusions:

- cars registered on the "current plate" or immediately "preceding plate"

- non runners

Why only cars under 8 years & 120,000 miles?

This category of vehicles was selected following feedback from our buyers as to which vehicle they were most interested in receiving the assessment.

Will the scheme cover LCVs?

The majority of Light Commercial Vehicles offered on behalf of a number of our vendors at Blackbushe, Manchester Belle Vue Commercials, Measham Commercials and Glasgow are covered by BCA Assured.  Most LCVs will have the benefit of a mechanical report regardless of age or mileage. 

How will I know if a vehicle is BCA Assured?

If a vehicle is BCA Assured there will be a BCA Assured mechanical report on Auction View (a button below the image on the vehicle details screen) and a copy of the mechanical report can be seen on the vehicle windscreen on the day of sale.

Who assesses the cars?

All our assessments are carried out by independent AA inspectors at our remarketing sites.

CLAIMS (anchor link)
What can I claim on?  

You can claim on aspects of the report that have been misreported. You cannot claim for faults in areas that are not covered by the BCA Assured assessment.

If there is a problem with the car how soon do I have to notify you?

On any car that has a BCA Assured report, you have 48 hours or up to 500 miles (whichever comes first) from the vehicle leaving BCA or from vehicle delivery if the vehicle is being delivered by BCA.


How do I make a claim?

You can read more about the process and make a claim at bca.co.uk/customerclaims. (link to BCA Assured customer claims) 


What happens when I place a claim?

We will validate the claim based on evidence supplied. On many occasions we will arrange an inspection to validate the claim.

Once you have registered the claim: you should not move or carry out repairs on the vehicle before it is inspected.


How long does it take to settle a claim?

It depends on the type of claim. We will work hard to make sure we settle all of our claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Customer Service Claims team will keep you updated throughout the process.


How do I find out the status of my existing claim?

You can read more about how to find out about your existing claim at bca.co.uk/customerclaims (link to BCA Assured Customer Claims)


Will I be notified once the claim is closed?

Our Customer Service Claims team will keep you updated throughout the process and send you confirmation once your claim is closed.


If my claim is successful will I be reimbursed for all costs?

If, after investigation we agree to settle your claim, we will not recompense you for any indirect costs you have incurred, unless they are from activities that we have instructed you to carry out.


What if I want to return the vehicle to BCA?
BCA reserve the right to rectify any misreported faults.  It is only in extreme circumstances that a vehicle may be accepted back by BCA and a refund provided.



What happens when the tyre tread depth/damage has been reported incorrectly?

Where we find that a tyre tread depth has been reported incorrectly, we will offer a contribution payment towards the cost of replacement tyres.


When the report shows that the brake pad wear warning lights are illuminated does that mean I am covered to make a claim?

You can expect to see wear and tear on certain areas of vehicles, these are not covered by the BCA Assured assessment i.e. brake pads & discs. These areas are reported for your information only.

Will the report tell me if there is a problem with the turbo (where applicable)?

As we don’t road test the vehicles, any gearbox or clutch faults reported have been identified from the 20 metre drive test. We only report on faults that occur when in 1st and reverse gear, so the report does not cover faults that occur in other gears, or at speed. For this reason, we are unable to note anything about the condition of the turbo (where present).


Why doesn’t the report tell me about oil / fluid leaks underneath the vehicle?

The assessment is carried out at ground level and the inspectors do not put the vehicles on a ramp. So, although they may note that there is an oil leak (in the Comments section) it will only be because they have observed it from looking at the engine from above, they do not report on the source of any leaks.


Warning lights and linked faults

Warning lights denote a fault, if the cause of the fault has been highlighted elsewhere in the report a claim cannot be made for warning lights or any other symptoms associated with that fault.


Why does the report sometimes show Other Warning Lights?

Other warning lights are reported when they are seen. It will be noted in the comments section if any other warning lights (in addition to the ones in the Interior Checks section) are illuminated.


Does the report tell me if the Sat Nav / In Car Entertainment / Air Conditioning system works?

During the BCA Assured assessment the inspectors will switch the Sat Nav / In Car Entertainment / Air Conditioning on and off. Where any of these areas show OK on the report, the inspectors have noted that power is supplied to the system, they are unable to test the functionality of the system.