BCA Essential Check

BCA Essential Check  - Be Better Informed

BCA Essential Check has been developed to give you more information on older, higher mileage vehicles

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Terms and Conditions

You will find BCA Essential Check Terms and Conditions below.

The BCA Essential Check is confirmation of a visual assessment of the items listed on the BCA Essential Check report on the date shown only. No undertaking, representation or warranty of the information provided in the BCA Essential Check report or the condition of the vehicle (mechanical, cosmetic or otherwise) is given, made or implied by British Car Auctions Limited by the publication of the information on the BCA Essential Check report. As such, no claims will be accepted.
The vehicle is sold subject to the BCA Conditions of Entry and Sale and other applicable terms and conditions, which may change from time to time without notice.


Have a look at the BCA Essential Check: Customer Guide to learn more about the assessment, how it is done and what is covered.