BCA Automotive Services

BCA Automotive Services

BCA Automotive ServicesFrom Port or factory end to fleet or retail, we have a proven track record of delivering excellence in new vehicle services.  We process over 700,000 vehicles annually across our sites.

Our scale and coverage provides you with totally flexible bespoke solutions; whether you require multi-user or dedicated facilities, or operation and management of a sites/ facility on your behalf we have the expertise and capability.

We have a seamless, integrated network of management, storage, vehicle preparation and technical facilities. We are perfectly equipped to provide you with bespoke solutions that are tailored to fit your every new car need.

BCA Automotive ServicesThe services we offer include:

  • Reception & handling
  • Customs formalities & AFRL
  • PDI and new vehicle preparation
  • Accessory fitment and customisation
  • Warranty & servicing
  • Storage & compound management