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Buying light commercials at BCA has never been easier or safer now that we’ve introduced, on the majority of vehicles, a detailed video appraisal showing the vehicle from all angles. So in addition to our BCA Assured mechanical report, you can now also rely on a video to give an even clearer picture of the vehicle’s condition, specification and configuration.  BCA Video Appraisals gives you a 360 degree video of the exterior and interior for each vehicle plus multiple still images with zoom feature.  This makes it even easier for you to buy with confidence particularly when buying online.

To supplement the imaging, a summary BCA Live Online Grade will be applied to give a basic summary of the vehicle's condition. Please note, BCA Live Online gradings for LCVs will differ from car standards, as the industry generally accepts that, by their nature, commercial vehicles are more susceptible to wear and tear.

The following grades are therefore only to be used as a general guide based upon each vehicle's condition commensurate with its age, mileage and usage. (*See footnotes for BCA definition)

Grade 1 - LCV

Grade 1:
Light Commercial Vehicles that are in well above average condition.

Grade 2 - LCv

Grade 2:
Light Commercial Vehicles that are in above average condition.

Grade 3 - LCV


Grade 3:
Light Commercial Vehicles that are in average condition.

Grade 4 - LCV

Grade 4:
Light Commercial Vehicles that are in below average condition and show some signs of excessive wear and tear.

Grade 5 - LCV

Grade 5:
Light Commercial Vehicles are well below average condition. This grade category is the lowest condition banding available to describe any vehicle offered for Live Online at BCA. Therefore these vehicles will show signs of severe abuse either on the bodywork, interior, or both.

Commensurate with age, mileage and usage means BCA will grade light commercial vehicles with an allowance for its age, mileage or usage. For example, it is expected that a 4-year-old LCV with 80,000 miles will have some minor scuffs, wear to fittings, panel damage and soiling to load areas.

This would be deemed to be in average condition and therefore a Grade 3. However if the same condition vehicle was just 2 years old it is likely to be graded as a Grade 4, and if just 1 year old a Grade 5. Similarly, it is expected that the bodywork condition of tippers, dropside trucks and box vans show much heavier wear than the same vehicles cab panel condition.

BCA will do their utmost to capture all defects on the appraisal, but if any are missed, BCA will only entertain complaints where a re-examination reveals the grade to have changed.